100% automated cloud-native digital transformation applications for a legal company

Case Study

A fast-growing financial hub with an independent internationally-regulated judicial system that conducted its key operations through a legacy in-house desktop-based application that lacked security.


  • Desktop application built with legacy systems prevented scalability
  • External users who were not part of the intranet could not access information
  • The application lacked automated processes for routine activities
  • Data had to be stored on-premise making it highly inefficient in terms of cost, speed & space
  • The app was not equipped with adequate levels of security
  • Large IT team for operations make huge dents in the organization’s budget

The Zerone approach:

Modernization was the need of the hour and it became prudent to build a scalable, easy-to-use cloud-native system that kept track of case data, court hearing dates, payment information, and a lot more. We built a digital transformation strategy that revolved around C# and MySQL database that automated processes and implemented usability standards while adhering to the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Read on about how Zerone developed a cloud solution to improve speed and security, and also allow authorized personnel to access relevant information from the centralized database.

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