Mobile application to improve the productivity of drivers and depot managers

Case Study

A prominent telematics and fleet management supplier for businesses in the construction, plant, waste management, and commercial vehicle markets wanted a mobile application to support drivers and depot managers to have streamlined daily operations.


  • Lack of proper guidelines for conducting vehicle inspection
  • No standardized procedure for vehicle providers to update asset conditions
  • Digitization service of paper forms was a tedious process
  • Difficult to submit any supporting evidence regarding vehicle condition
  • Challenging to keep track whether submitted information regarding vehicle condition is accurate
  • Use of incorrect submission methods, such as completing inspection too quickly
  • High operational expenditure incurred with the processing of paper forms
  • Data loss due to mishandling of physical documents

The Zerone approach:

We developed a mobile application that supports drivers and depot managers with modules to report incidents, a dynamic checklist for vehicle inspection, online chat option to communicate with the on-premise, and an end-to-end driver management module. Fill in your details to understand how the mobile application development and digital transformation strategies led to a reduction in processing times and operational delays.

Fill in your details to understand how 80% effort was reduced