ERP system for business development of a manufacturing company

Case Study

A prominent computer hardware manufacturer found it challenging to go about their daily business operations like budgeting, and forecasting due to the overload of information. Custom application development was required to face the challenges head on.


  • Manual budgeting was a painstaking process
  • Sales forecast was not automated
  • Operations were monitored through spreadsheets, which lacked transparency
  • Lack of automation made it challenging to calculate Gross Profit Percentage (GP%)
  • No coordination between business development managers
  • Complex dashboards made sales analysis difficult

The Zerone approach:

Our experts developed a web-based ERP system that automated routine tasks and dynamically with varied modules like the Forecast module, budgeting module, gross profit percentage calculation, and price book module to upload spreadsheets with bulk product information. Download the case study to know more about our application development methodologies that helped this organization see remarkable improvement in workflow management.

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