The client is a government organization that works to prevent criminals and suspects from trespassing into highly governed and sensitive territories. They wanted to implement a uniform system to effectively keep track of the identities of the barred criminals and suspects so that the authorities could detect and prevent them from entering restricted territories.


  • Tedious process for government bodies had to link various identity proofs of the criminals onto a central database.

  • Verification of identity proofs was not always possible and there was a chance of forgery. Mapping a criminal’s ID to their record was a time-consuming process

The Zerone approach:

Zerone developed state-of-the-art facial recognition software that captured the facial features of criminals and records them in the database. Officials at the entrance of restricted areas can verify if the individual is a criminal by cross-checking their facial ID to the database. Integrating facial recognition technology and AI makes it easier to identify, more secure, and impervious to tampering of IDs.

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