Insurance digital transformation solutions for membership management

Case Study

The client is a leading professional association that offers membership to these professionals to conduct networking events, conferences, webinars, education programs, training, and other organizational activities. They were in need of a web application that had an online payment gateway, emailing system, and educational programs and certifications


  • The client had a legacy application with limited functionalities that were not scalable and user-friendly since it was built with older technologies.
  • Most of the functions were not automated and frequent technical support was required.
  • Effective security measures were not implemented.
  • Performance of the system deteriorated as the number of members increased.
  • Significant maintenance effort was required to run the system which incurred heavy costs.

The Zerone approach:

Zerone created a digital transformation strategy with a scalable, full-fledged web application that automated all processes and implemented usability standards. A custom mobile application was developed for the benefit of event attendees as well as delegates to events hosted by the organization. Download the case study to understand how Zerone’s software application development services significantly lowered operating and maintenance costs

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