Application development for digital transformation of an event management company

Case Study

A prominent business that handles events of insurance professionals was in dire need of a mobile application since they faced numerous obstacles in streamlining their operations.


  • Manually clearing admin backlog was tedious
  • Updating large number of attendee details, and handling feedback and complaints was tiresome
  • Attendees at a function could not receive notifications about upcoming sessions
  • Itinerary changes could not be updated promptly
  • Lack of a clear product engineering strategy
  • Reference material for event was not readily available for consumption

The Zerone approach:

We helped develop two highly-responsive mobile applications to handle different functionalities of event attendees and admins. The attendees could register for an event and download the application to keep a track of the itinerary, venue alerts, and speaker information. The admin module keeps track of attendance details and sync the details of the event to their backend system once the event is over. Download the case study to learn more about Zerone’s digital transformation strategy which helped reduce the admin backlog by 70%

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