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Many businesses do not understand how effective blockchain technology is. It usually boils down to the fact that the technology has not yet started enjoying mainstream success. Other impediments to implementing blockchain solutions at your organization involve high initial costs and energy use. Still, given its immutable nature, there's no better option if your data is sensitive in nature. Locating an experienced offshore developer who can help you overcome these challenges is critical. Secure all transactions by employing Zerone's expertise when implementing the necessary blockchain infrastructure with your existing systems.

  • Not staying connected with your customers is unaffordable.
  • Legacy systems can leave business yearning for flexibility and scale.
  • Decisions to invest on ‘build’ over ‘buy’ invariably rests in the detail
  • Big bang approach to bespoke applications can often fail.
  • Background Verification

    A blockchain-based solution was developed for a résumé verification services organization to securely store verified candidate details.

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  • Will Management

    A confidential will and probate management system was built as a blockchain solution for a government agency that not only prevented tampering of registered wills but also enforced their execution as required by their creators.

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  • Hiring a developer with little experience or familiarity in blockchain technologies can result in poor implementation, delays, and financial losses.

  • Duplicate entries, loss, and fraud largely occur in conventional transactions since only blockchain solutions offer the property of immutability.

  • Using traditional systems for record-keeping tends to offer a cluttered experience and processing is also slow.

  • Unlike the use of cryptography in blockchain solutions, the conventional model that gives users the authorization to view transactions is far from safe.

Our Approach

With the current model of financial transactions being susceptible to cyber crime, exploring blockchain technology might be the answer. Enjoy greater security, stability, transparency, and speed, along with reduced costs – in large part due to Zerone's Agile-focused expertise in developing blockchain solutions.

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Demonstrate your capabilities in the development of blockchain solutions. Join our efforts at Zerone to bring this emerging technology into the mainstream. Fancy the new?

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