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Computer Vision Solutions

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  • Face Recognition and verification

    Our face recognition solution can spawn innumerable applications like age group detection, recurring visit pattern identification, behavior analysis and Identify a human face from an image or video

  • Image And Video processing

    Leverage machine learning, AI technology and employ next-generation algorithms to recognize patterns, extract information from audio-visual systems also to build insights from video streams.

  • Object recognition

    By applying the standard practices of machine learning, we help enterprises analyze images and videos to discover, recognize and classify objects.

  • Emotion detection

    Get to the next level of behaviour, feedback and sentiment analysis with real-time emotion detection from images and videos.

  • Open-source libraries

    Utilize our expert services to integrate open-source computer vision libraries on your existing or new applications.

  • AZURE, AWS Platform Integrations Services

    Integrate computer vision services offered by AZURE and AWS platforms to existing or new applications.

Computer Vision is helping modern businesses take great leaps of transformational growth in processing videos, images and then leveraging goldmine of data from them like never before. At Zerone, our team of cross-domain experts have helped several Enterprises build computer vision applications that perfectly fit their business model. . There is immense gain in even extending the application capabilities to post-sales services.

Zerone's innovative and cost-effective computer vision application development services leverage Open Source, AZURE, and AWS platforms. Our Open Source platform can be integrated with any existing application through secure web services. Alternately, the platform is also available as a cost-effective on-premise solution deployed on local servers for higher security.



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